About Us


Service Planning Area 6, or SPA 6, serves the communities of Athens, Compton, Crenshaw, Florence, Hyde Park, Los Angeles, Lynwood, Paramount, and Watts.

The Miller-Lawrence Medical and Dental Society is the only medical and dental society within the National Medical
Association. In establishing our society in 2005 we saw the need to address the health care disparities in medicine and
dentistry in south Los Angeles County. Our inspiration in founding our society were two “trailblazing” physicians who
we held in high regard, respect and honor, Dr. Ross Miller and Dr. Dymus Lawrence. With these two physicians as our
inspiration we aim to fulfill our mission (below) and develop new trailblazers, who will continue to advocate for policies that
enrich the health of our community. We would hope that Drs. Miller and Lawrence, were they alive today, would feel that
we have taken up their mantle and advanced it well.

Our Mission

• To promote public health and to improve the general welfare of the community with particular emphasis upon minorities and the disadvantaged
• To enhance the quality of medical and dental health services with an emphasis on preventive measures
• To encourage and promote effective and appropriate health education activities for both families and health professionals
• To develop a more cohesive and effective community of health professionals
• To increase access to care
• To encourage and stimulate our youth to become health care professionals
• To be advocates in our comrmmity